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Default Re: neigbors call the cops!

Originally Posted by noco View Post
Hey I've had bad neighbors before and it was next I bought yard flamingos and nomes and had them all staring down their house...don't know if they ever got the hint but at least me and some of the other neighbors got some amusement out of them...

I had a run in with the cops on my bike once...they pulled me over for rolling through a stop sign...5 cops showed up as it took an hour to give me that ticket...when they asked how the bike worked I would tell them that you peddle it...I didn't lie...I know they tried to find a way of screwing me but in co if the primary source of power is peddle than it is technically a bike and the engine size is irrelevant.

My advice would be to stay off the cops radar...cops cannot be trusted!!!

Ride fast...take chances!!!
Funny. The menacing Nomes and Falmingos...
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