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Default Re: neigbors call the cops!

Half of my neighbors are most likely undocumented, they don't call the cops, but I am still respectful of their tolerance of me as I build them for a living from my home shop so me or the help is riding in the neighborhood all the time.

I am the last house on a pretty short (5 or 6 houses) dead end road so everything goes in and out on the same stretch of road.

I have everyone take it easy going out and just make being quiet fun. We hit the street fast and kill the motor and see if we can coast all the way to my house, down the long driveway into the back yard, and then around to the shop door.

A perfect score is never pedaling or using the brake after you kill the motor entering my street and rolling up to a stop at the shop door.
Besides being a fun competition and quite for my neighbors it tells you a lot about the bike drag your motor has to push as well.

My point is simple, nobody likes noise be it a barking dog, blaring music you don't like, heavy equipment and loud motor vehicles around their house, especially when the weather is nice and you have your windows open.

Just make being respectful fun and it is no longer a chore. You might even find you get to meet your neighbors answering questions and even get smiles and waves when you pass by, it has worked well for me and my business ;-}
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