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Default Chain and alignment questions...

Hi guys, I've been working on my kit for a few weeks now and have run into a lot of snags here and there (pretty much every step of the way ) ... most of which have been overcome but I'm still wondering a few things like what the easiest way to trim down the chain is. I've searched around a bit and haven't seen anyone discussing cutting down the chain. Also when I installed my sprocket it could have gone one way our the other and I couldn't determine whether the concave should go in towards the spokes or out away from the spokes. The pictures I found online had the sprocket closer to the spokes to I went with that but now it looks like it would align better with the sprocket flipped. (i'm not looking forward to doing that) Also the chain tensioner doesn't align up at all and pushes the chain dangerously close to the engine mount. I'm thinking of ditching the tensioner but I'm wondering if the chain will be tight enough. I'm looking forward to getting these alignment and chain issues worked out so I can fire her up!!!
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