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Default Re: neigbors call the cops!

Originally Posted by Genisisonyx29 View Post
all of u are correct. I used to run it without the baffle but its been a long time. when the cop came I had been running it with a baffle for quite some time. the cop had also mentioned they got a call about me in the morning too. but I didn't ride that morning to school because it was far too cold. the way I feel about this is that it was unnecessary for my neighbor to call the cops. I would be happy to accommodate them if they have a problem with my bike. if it came down to it, when riding near there house I would hit the kill switch and peddle.
Yes people don't want to work on their problems just call the cops and make it go away hahaha
I have a neighbor 2 doors down from me come over and complain about mine
and I just laughed in his face, but mind you he has a motorcycle living on each side of him and he's complaining to me, go ahead and call the cops. hahaha
my advice find out what your local laws are then carry a printed copy of
the revised statues with you at all times saved me more than once
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