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Default Re: Piston Skirt mod for improved performance?

Also in response to Venice Boy, I have solved my engine heat problem by using an oil additive treatment called Bi-Tron. It is a 2-stroke specific oil product which is unique in that it is 100% pure petroleum (Mineral) derived Parrafin based oil which is treated to make parts of the oil molecule polar which then stick better to metal in effect giving the oil surface tension sticking properties like other polar fluids. This sticks to a clings to all components of the metal it comes in contact with but also sticks to the regular 2-stroke oil. The reduced friction is remarkable and my engine never gets too hot even after a long slog on hot days. The polar oil leaves a layer coating the metal which also seems to make the fuel flow more sticky so it has the same effect as polishing the ports.

Really great stuff. I highly recommend it!! especially if doing any kind of MOD
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