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Default neigbors call the cops!

so someone in my neighborhood call the cops on me! lol. so i hadnt even been riding my bike yet before the cop showed up (boy was he a typical merced pd **s whole! haha). so i had just recieved some new parts and i was putting them on when i noticed a cop pull up to my house. i step out the garage and say "hello officer what can i do for you?" (im on probation so i'm always on my best behavior around the fuzz lol) he said to me "im gonna need to take a look at ur motorcycle." i said "what motorcycle?" oops big mistake, because he thought i was being a smart ***! he said "then whats that over there" with some attitude. i brought the bike over to him informed him that it wasnt a motorcycle it was a motorized bicycle. this bozo couldnt even find motorized bicycle in his handbook... so i got the cops called on me for riding an illegal vehicle on the street, and also a noise complaint. i explained to him our and he didnt like it one bit.. he lectured me on why it wasnt safe. i said to him, "you know you ride a motorcycle? those arent any safer either." he didnt have much to say about that lol.

so basically this guy was uninformed on these bikes he had to let me go. after i put my bike back together i rode all through my neighborhood for about an hour with the baffle taken out.
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