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Default Gidday from Hanoi Vietnam

Giiday, Im an Aussie up in Vietnam,and just built my first Motorbicyle. 80 cc ( 66cc really im told) witha jack shaft kit and epanmsion chamber form sick bikes and trying to get self powered 12 volt. Its a blast to ride among the lunatic traffic and can beat a scoooter across town int he traffic all day long.

I have all the bugs ironed out as such, But Im havimg some challeneges as of yet.
Need help on getting it to run smoother at higher revs
and would love to knwo whats out there to generate 12 volts / and up grade magneto.

Running smoother
to get it to run and start more reliable. I tossed that heap of crap chinese carby, and put ona pit bike carby, starting hot or cold, now no problem, I have begont o "tune the expansion chamber, but think the carby needs to be much better before I go hacking off any more engine pipe. Buyinmg specilist parts here is a reeal challenge. In short it idols pretty well and lower to mid range runs ok, but at top end its doesnt run very smooth and breaks down a bit. Any idea

12 volt options, witht eh help of a very bright young fella here, we attempted running 12 volt off the magneto, it turns out that there is 1 12 volt power source off the mag to run spark and a 6 or 7 volt power source to run lights...bugger 6 volt..Im running a 12 volt 1 am lil battery and 2200 led head light and led indicators and frear light, have got my bright young mate Mario to balance out the ampages and flasher unti to run it all, great job. But stil cant charge off engine/ not have to plug into the maisn outlet to charge bateery.

Im wonder if there is a Magneto upgrade somewhere or a wheel driven 12 volt generator to charge the battery, any ideas anywhere. Or do we have to make something ourselves.

As a newby, Id love to hear back from someone

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