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Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
The effects of ethanol are DRASTICALLY over-exaggerated. Are there some harmful effects of ethanol? Sure, but they occur over a much longer period of time than the opponents of ethanol would lead us to believe.

Bingo! Butterbean his this one out of the park. Zero problems here with E10 fuel in any of my machines to include snowmobiles, ATVs, motorized bikes, generators, weedwhackers, snowthrower, leaf blower, tiller, and model airplane engines. If in the mood, I'll add a couple of ounces of 2 stroke oil per 5 gallons of gas to improve fuel lubricity.

The only additive I use is for storage. I'll run a double dose of Stabil and run engine for 20 minutes to ensure it gets into carbs and viola, I'm good for a long time. I don't even bother draining the carbs anymore with stabil.
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