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Default Re: If money was no object

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
If money was no object and you had to pick a kit on the market right now, what would you pick? Friction, Belt, Chain? I'm just curious.
I think the replies so far demonstrate that if money were no object most of us here wouldn't buy a 'kit'... But, what I can surmise from reading tons of threads and doing way too many web searches is that top-o-the-line kits come from:

Arrow Motorized Cycles,

Sportsman Flyer,

Phantom Bikes,

Any other companies that the more experienced think deserve a mention?

It should be noted that Arrow is the only company out of these three (to my knowledge) that actually rebuilds china engines to make them faster.

Sportsman makes a sweet frame specifically designed for the Morini S6 engine...

And if money were no object I'd buy at least four bikes....

Off to ride now!
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