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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Outraaageous View Post
Nothing, Nothing at all today! Once i get off my but ill be attaching my throttle and cut off switch to my handlebars. Then i need to refab a piece that will attack my spindal to my flywheel. The gentleman i got to drill the holes in my washes did a piss poor job and they are not centered >.> I told the man they were $1.50 a piece and a 20 min drive away. Yet he still f***ed them up pretty bad. So another trip to ace hardware it is!
How the below post relates: With a drill press you can do the work yourself drilling the washers being sure they are centered.

Without a dill press, if you have a Dremel Tool or the like, the grinder wheels as I mentioned below I save a couple of each of various sizes worn to different diameters, they can cut the hole in a washer as I have done. A cheap vice to go along with it I make parts whenever I like.

When I have for the largest bit only a 3/8" bit for my 3/8" chuck drill, although stepped bits are available, I resort to using the largest bit first followed by the grinder thin disks. If the metal is really thick, the cost in disks would not be worth it, but for washers, I have made 5/8" bore quite nicely.

Here is a post I made:

FYI, I found that when using the Dremel cut off wheels, I stop using them at various levels of wear when I am cutting.

This allows me to have a couple of different diameter sizes so they fit where they otherwise would not. I intend to use them not so much as cutters when they are worn smaller diameter but as shapers. The solid grinders have too much surface area to shape quickly in a small area I have found usually.

It has helped me out many times over. I have to switch wheels, but they seem to allow carving more smooth than the metal cutter.

I know the metal cutters have there use, but I am partial to those grinder wheels even though they wear way faster.


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