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Talking Re: Normal Pedal Riding with clutch disengaged

One more thing I want to mention - a bit unrelated- about the crank-
Is for anyone using an Astabula crankwho may want an easy pedal and to SAVE the most WEIGHT.

Below is a cruiser frame with 700c wheels I'm probably gonna build up-
It's gonna have baskets and be a real hauler- and because I'm not living in a second floor apartment anymore- and I don't want to spend money on a three piece crank and BB conversion-

AND because I already had a 17 tooth freewheel in the drawer I tried on that orange cruiser below when I built it up 3 years ago-
(I had a 36 lowrider sprock on the pedal front then with a stteel one piece astabula crank still- it was just too large a gear- so I bought a 22 freewheel and I think it has the 40 alloy 3 piece)

ANYWAY I thought- if I get an even smaller sprocket for the front, I can use that 17 freewheel AND take all kinds of pedal links off the setup-

so there it is below- that red 28 tooth sprock on the red bike- and it was only about 8 dollars on ebay-

really really really brings an astabula set-up down to a decent weight- the sprock is stilll steel but minimal and if you think about the number of links you lose from a 46 or even 36- it's a LOT of chain weight.

Single freewheel usually come in 14, 16, 17, 18, and 22- and you may find a 20 somewhere- but really the LIGHTEST set-up whether you have a steel or alloy crank is a teeny tiny front sprock and the smallest rear sprock too- a 28 x 14 rear freewheel would still be a really light gear- very pedalble, and get the motor clutch popped-

I'm always shutting off and coasting up to the next stop

you have to match the chains so you may need a half link somewhere- the pedal side is easier to adjust than the motor- and the motor chain may stretch close to a half link in length when it's new.

The red cruiser is a Huffy frame I got last summer for $10 as a spare frame identical to the orange build- You may have seen the blue BMX bars on an earlier incarnation of my 66 build.

The back rack trunk on the orange bike is a fairly new edition and cheap from China on ebay- holds a lot of stuff! I have an old GIANT Wald front basket- not sure if I'm gonna use yet- because it's sorta weighty- and I'll have some sort of front basket with saddle bag baskets on the back of the red bike

The Bianchi in the last photo I got off craigslist for only $40, and I bought it mainly to use the 700 x 25 wheels and the 38mm tires on the red cruiser- So I'm building it up with 19mm road wheels and it's LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT- using only one ring and it's gonna be 5 speed here in flat florida. After I took all the heavy hybrid stuff off, I found the frame was like Columbus or Reynolds- Tange tubing actually- and as light as any vintage racing frame, and in a small size which I don't mind with the alloy MX bars. I painted the tires myself with some latex paint.
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