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Originally Posted by irishpowerjunkie View Post
Yeah seen some of hiscreations on here and they are my base plan for this but with different
Here's a suggestion Irish, you could modify a Schwinn OCC Stingray Pedalchopper bicycle.

Modify it how?, cut the rear triangle off the Chopper and then mount pivots to top of rear trangle and weld up some tab mounts for the lower section of rear triangle for softtail style under frame shock absorbers.

Here's a link to some full size Harley clone softtail frames, these should get your creative thoughts brewing with idea's on how to make this a reality!

Let us know how this works out, I'm curious and will be following your lead / build...

P.S. This could be the latest / new Style for customizing Stretch Cruisers and Schwinn OCC Pedalchoppers. ie.. Soft Tails...
P.S. Builders check this thread for in depth info for Horizontal 4-stroke Honda crf50 Pitbike / Dirtbike / Atv engines:

These engines work best used for motorizing the Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds.
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