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Default Re: 12 volt fog lamp as headlight

I see what your saying Jason and I guess I would have to wire the switch for the light to break all connections for charging when in use, and break all the series wires when in charging mode. I wonder if I wil have to buy a industrial set of batteries or if I could just use 8 rechargeable c or d cells in two bays of 4(id need to look up whan amperage they can safely put out). Either way it would be a neat project and il let you guys know if and when I start it. Unfortunately it wont be for another 3 weeks 'casue im in school. One more reason to look forward to christmas break.

As for you XPosTech, I would take into account the heat losses and generator load by using a larger resistor, this would allow a small amount of current to flow through the circuit. According to my engines manual you can draw 3 watts (6 volts, .5 amps) from the engine without killing it. Because I only drive at night occasionally I would probably only need a fraction of this power to keep the batteries charged.

Thanks for replying guys
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