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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

And swap bikes again...
Mmmm dropped a great big bollock, I blame me mate Ronnie who's in his 60's and to old to have sex come down for a visit an sit in the yard on the left side of the bike as I was just about to fix the brake, he then waffled on about sex sex sex for about two hours as I tried to fit the front brake and shut me ears at the same time.... That was one of the last jobs I had done and today I just had a little bit of finishing off to do on the brake, I started off fitting the speedo drive which I couldn't get going, after much head scratching I finally sussed it... Me bloody wheel was on the wrong way around ! Ronnie is defo getting the blame for that :doh:

Anyway it's taken me all day but its now on the right way, the brakes adjusted up ok and the speedo works, I've used the CG handle bars for now as the originals are 25 mm and won't fit me switchgear without chopping an welding 22mm ends on, it's a shame because I know Bren really liked them but another problem with them was they were so low they hit me knees on full lock so they had to go.

Other little jobs I've boxed off today are I've had to remove (for now ) the original number plate holder and fit the CG rear light mounting plate an number plate bracket and I welded the speedo bracket in the middle of the bars.
I've ordered a few things I need like the back light, front brake light switch and a K&N type shorty air filter.
The next job is one of my least favourite things, fitting the electrics ...

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