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Default Re: 12 volt fog lamp as headlight

I don't think the chengine's alternator could supply the current to charge two batteries simultaneously. Someone over at the other forum is getting 12V but that is an exception.

Diode switches would allow the light to see 12V while the chengine sees only 6V, but the batteries will try to draw more than it can provide. It would be like hooking up a 6V car battery.

A current limiting resistor would probably eat up more current (as heat) than we can budget to it.

The 7ah battery is very small, but maybe I lied to you. Looks like the 12V is $19.99. The 6V 4.5ah is $8.99. Compare the batteries sizewise to the price tags on the shelves. The 6V is on end, the 12V is a side view.

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