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Default Re: 12 volt fog lamp as headlight

I see what you're saying, and I've seen something similar proposed here once before (I think that was just a single 6v system though)...don't think I saw any results out of it. If you could pull it off it would be great really.

Lemme just double check here.... You are saying use 2 6v SLA batteries wired in parallel to the motor. The white wire will basically trickle charge each of these batteries with 6v. Then wire the batteries in series to the lights to get 12v.

Seems like it might get complicated. Just drawing it out, unless you do some creative work with diodes or something, it seems like the motor would actually most likely see them in series and not parallel. Dunno.

edit: actually, without some clever work, it would just ground out the magneto and kill the motor.
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