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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Years ago when I scored this dark Blue Clear Creek SCHWINN Made to represent as their 100th Anniversary bike in 1995 the guy had a more expensive Black larger clear Creek with stock front and rear racks well I was at a yard sale last month and I saw this beat up black monsterly large Clear Creek SCHWINN with only the front rack on it I inquired with the owner he said his kid bought it years ago off of the same guy I bought mine off of . well I snatched it up quick for $60 bucks I wish I took some before photos of it but I dove into fixing it so fast I didn't even think of it here are a few pics of them both together again after many years apart This baby is gonna make one fine motor bike and finally I have a bike that fits me If you could have seen her before I touched her up a bit it doesn't even look like the same bike rusted / broken cables, So I ripped into it w/ new bearings, cables , twist sifters , levers , etc etc . just stuff i had laying around didnt spend a dime extra over thew 60. Motor in the mail!.

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