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Default Re: Turning a fake tank into a real one?

silver solder should work as well, if you're not up to brazing. either way, look up "tinsmith's" posts and silverbear's. they've teamed up and made some great tanks.

i use Caswell tank sealer on all my tanks now. i can't say enough good things about the stuff. it'll seal any pinholes or seam splits you might end up with, and doesn't crack or peel like Kreem or some of the other sealers.

as for mounting it, a simple way is to use leather straps for a vintage look. cut up old belts or even dog collars to fit.

or you can buy conduit clamps and braze or solder some nuts to the tank and bolt it right one.

if the tank fits really tight, you can run a bead of silicon all the way around it will stay forever. in case it ever leaks and you need to repair it, you can run a piece of twine through it and saw it out.

i don't recommend brazing it to to the frame because of the possibility of leaks. it's much harder to repair when it's permenantly attached to the frame. but that's up to you.
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