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Default Re: What is this part!?



The Flyweel originally had that circular piece with a spring bolted to it, Is that some sort of clutch?
Anyway Its a 25cc Toro weedeater motor
The peg i have is about 1 1/2 inches diameter
I live in Florida so not many hills but we do have alot of bridges and such by the beach here that can get kinda steep. Me myself am about 190lbs, the bike isnt very light but its not overly heavy, its a mongoose BMX if youve ever riden one you know what i mean. Any help here would be great!
I was going to attach a Large washer to the 2 holes on the flyweel after the (circle peice) was removed (picture in my first post), Pinching a bolt to the washer and then attaching the peg to that. However if that is a clutch im not even sure where to begin


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