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Default Re: Guys HELP PLEASE!!!!!

That looks like good oil there,,
I would run it 16:1-24:1 for break in,,it will run real rich and four stroke(slobber)alot but thats ok,,after the first tank run it at 32:1,some guys run 50:1 or better while using a good grade synthetic,,I like the smell of my Castor Oil,,so I run 75%dino mixed with 25% Castor,for break in I use 50/50,,might need to tune it a bit if it needs,,by adjusting the clip on the main needle and plug gap.Also get a good plug for it like an NGK BP6HS gapped between .020"-.030".
Here is a list of some plugs that work good.

NGK BP5HS/Denso W16FP-U/Denso Iridium IWF16/Bosch
W8BC/W8BP/Champion L92Y(not a big fan of champion plugs)
NGK BP6HS/Denso W20FP-U/Denso Iridium IWF 20/Bosch W7B/W7BC/
W7BP/Champion L87Y
NGK BP7HS/Denso W22FP-U/Denso Iridium IWF 22/Bosch W5B/W5BC/
W5BP/Champion L64Y
NGK BP8HS/Denso W24FP-U/Denso Iridium IWF 24/ Champion L61Y

NGK-BP5HS (is the hottest)
NGK-BP8HS (coldest)
I would run a BP6 or7 if your weather down there is really hot.
Hope it helps!

Ghost pedaling in NJ....

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