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Default Re: hi everyone, does anybody have any ideas for me?

Please don't ride that thing with no brakes.

Your best bet (and least expensive) would be to locate another rear wheel with coaster brake.

Go to Wally World, Academy Sports, etc. and buy a universal caliper brake. They are only about five or six bucks. Check that they fit around your fat tire. Then drill the large tube that ends at your rear wheel behind/under your seat for the mounting bolt. Replace the pads with good quality ones. That will at least give you a rudimentary brake.

From what I can see your fork doesn't have disk brake tabs on it. That leaves a drum brake for the front, which means a new hub at least.

Someone with a little savvy could fabricate custom cantilever brakes that use your reflector studs on the rear. I think that would cost some bucks at a bike shop. Not many bike shops would attempt it (liability issues).

Good luck.

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