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Default Hi from Seattle!

Hello, I just ordered both a 50cc and 80cc kit from ebay, and am really exited about fixing the 80cc on my Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo.

I live in the city and have been commuting to school regularly but have to pay for parking every time. I thought the bike would be great to solve the parking problem, and maybe it would help out our atmosphere a bit in the process! I'm always looking for ways I can leave less of a carbon footprint.

I would have been commuting with my bike already but I had knee surgery last year and am not fully rehabbed yet, so Im thinking the gas motor kit might be a perfect solution. Also, I'm more likely to bike around town everyday instead of drive even when my knee works fine if there's a motor to help me up a big hill.

I live in Seattle WA, and if anyone in the area has a bike club or wants to get together and do motorbike stuff let me know!
I'll post pictures as soon as I start working on the thing. Hopefully this week-

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