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Default Re: How to use castor oil??

The brand I have used with great results if you dont want to buy a whole gallon is Humco at walmart $2.69 6 oz.,,it oderless and tasteless with no added sugar for flavor,it mixes with gasoline very good,,if Im making up a batch for my new weed eater,chainsaw,or blower for a 32:1 ratio I will add 3oz.of my favorite 2 cycle dino oil,,then 1oz.of castor,,that should get you a real nice smell and for break in on my first china girl I used 5 oz.dino oil 3oz.castor for my first tank and that motor runs stronger than my other two builds that only used dino oil on.
I will continue to use castor,,especially for break ins on cheap non reed motors.

Klotzs Benol is good stuff if you want the degummed racing oil,,very pricey though...
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