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Default Re: Controls for MB

Here is my setup. I do have an automatic (centrifugal) clutch, so no handlebar lever for that. My front brake lever is on my left, with a built-in brake light switch. The brake lever/hand control unit was from an old scooter or moped, and also had a horn button and turn signals, which I removed due to lack of necessity (hand signals and no horn). I installed a toggle switch where the horn button had been, and the switch controls my headlight. The only thing on my right side is my throttle and of course my kill switch is built into my throttle housing (standard on the kit type throttles, which I am using even though my bike is non-kit). So to recap, left is front brake, brake light, and headlight switch, right is throttle and kill switch. My headlight is powered by two 7.2v nicads, and my brake light by a separate, single 7.2v nicad. My batteries are strapped to my luggage rack with a clamp made of sheet metal, easily removable for wall charging. I have a 15 minute charger, so charging is a snap. With a dynamo hub, you will need a rectifier and voltage regulator to charge batteries.
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