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Default Re: Everything broke

Originally Posted by Dasmailca View Post
I do want to point out that I wasn't complaining. I'm havin fun. In fact I bought 2 more kits and plan 2more bikes. I'm just happy to learn some of the stuff to look out for. I DO appreciate all the help and support here.
I bought an up graded hardware kit and intend to replace all nut bolts etc. what is the best way to remove studs and is there torque specs somewhere? I don't have a torque wrench tho. (Yet)
You can put two nuts on the stud and tighten them together and then use the bottom one to turn out the stud (hopefully), if you are going to trash the studs you are removing you could just grab them with vise grips and turn them out.

I recommend that you get yourself a torque wrench, that helped me out a lot. I got one small enough to use on almost everything, its really not much bigger than a standard 1/4" socket drive. It's the "click" type of wrench, you just dial up the torque value on the handle and the wrench will "click" when you achieve that torque, so no PITA needle to read. Here is a link to something similar to what I ordered (but not exact, shop around for the best wrench at the best price).
This one covers the perfect range for a motorized bicycle, 20-200 INCH pounds. I don't have the torque specs for the various bolts in front of me right now so I don't want to quote the values exactly, but I think I recall using 65InLbs, 85InLbs and 145InLbs on various nuts when I torqued things down. You can search out that information here as I did when I needed it, or perhaps someone else has notes and will chime in with the proper torque values for you.
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