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Default Re: Everything broke

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Never tried toothpaste for a thread locker but it will take ink stains out of a shirt.

And, I concur with everything nightcruiser said with the exception of using red Loctite. Blue will do the job and if the time comes when you need to disassemble anything you won't be twisting out threads. But like you've heard me say before: "That's why there's chocolate and vanilla." Use what works for you.

I make sure to point out that not everyone agrees with the loctite when I post about using it just for that reason. My logic when using it went like this... I have new studs that are way better than the kit studs and more solid than then aluminum threads in my block. I want the studs to be solid in the block and not come out if/when I have to take off the head, if I use blue loctite on the nuts and blue loctite on the studs at the block it's a crap shoot whether the nut will come off or the stud will come out. If the stud comes out thats more wear on the aluminum threads in the block and one step closer to failure there. So I used red loctite on the studs in the block to make sure the studs stay put when I pull the nuts off to remove the head.
Now I have heard warning about the red loctite not being removable, but I am not planning on removing the studs and don't expect this quality hardware to fail. Since I have done this NOTHING has come loose or needed to be re-torqued, before I did this I had to keep tightening the head all the time. It's going on the second season now without touching a bolt on my motor, and she still runs great. If I had not used the loctite I assume the head bolts would have continued to work loose (like they did the first season) and all that re-torquing would probably have ripped out the threads in the block by now. So the way I see it I am ahead of the game on that already and still riding. IF I do indeed come across a reason to remove the studs from the block I know I will be cursing the red loctite, hopefully a torch will help get the job done. If it goes badly then I can either attempt the extraction or get a new case, bottom end or motor. The way things are going now (quite well) I think this motor will outlast by far my expectations if I had not used the loctite, so I am very happy with my decision. (so far, about 1000 miles and counting since the loctite)
I know others have their own point of view and methods to achieve the same goals which probably work just as well for them, but this scheme of red loctite at the block and blue on the nuts has worked out great for me so far, and I would do it again as long as I am working with quality studs. (NEVER use red loctite on a kit stud unless you're looking for the nightmare scenario of extracting a weak assed stud from your block!)
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