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Default Re: Everything broke

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
A KMC HD BMX chain is good too. (just make sure your chain breaker is Heavy Duty; broke two)

Stupid question here, but just wondering if white toothpaste can be used as loctite in a pinch?
Ever notice how dried white toothpaste is just like dried loctite, kinda stiff and grippy.

Must experiment.
Never tried toothpaste for a thread locker but it will take ink stains out of a shirt.

And, I concur with everything nightcruiser said with the exception of using red Loctite. Blue will do the job and if the time comes when you need to disassemble anything you won't be twisting out threads. But like you've heard me say before: "That's why there's chocolate and vanilla." Use what works for you.

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