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Originally Posted by Otero View Post
Given the fondness for liquor int that era, the Lincoln quote probably got him elected.
I was never all that fond of 'Allimoosa'. Their football team played really dirty when
I was a WSC in Gunnison. Delta Cty,, I know for fact has a slack code & you couldn't
more remote than parts of that county. Nice folks for the most part, rural ranchers,
farmers, & off-the-grid organic hippies, but they all get along. A good Saturday
auction in Delta brings 'em all together. People there help each other out. Or at
least they used to. It's been a while since I lived there.
Nucla & Naturita are a little more remote; of course that's Mormon country, but
they're not pushy about it, & They're decent enuf folk.
...sounds like my kind of place, lol.

i'm hoping my son will share my vision but he is only 22 next month so he is still much too self-absorbed to recognize reality yet, lol, ...he's comin' around though so time will tell.

...on a kind of side note he went yesterday and threw down on a brandy new Cannondale 24 speed bike for his daily commute to work, no motor YET, lol, but we're talkin' about buying a kit and putting it on his old Cannodale, it needs some work but i think it'd be a fun project for us to do together, ...a learning experience for both of us.

peace, bozo
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