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Default Re: Everything broke

The kits are CHEAP, and you get what you pay for! It seems like you have been through the basic learning curve that most of us go through, hard to learn just from reading about something.....

IMHO the spark plug, wire and boot are crap, as is the kit chain, and studs and other hardware. I never install the chain guard, and the chain tensioner seems tempermental at best so I tend to run without a tensioner if I can get away with it.

Fortunately it doesn't cost much to replace the studs and hardware, plug, wire and boot and get a decent chain. The rag-joint sprocket adapter isn't the best but if you get one installed well (very balanced) they will work fine and serve you a long time. The final lesson is to learn how to tighten everything down enough, without OVER tightening. I tend to have a heavy hand, so to prevent myself from over tightening I bought a small click type torque wrench so I can dial in the proper torque, when I feel the click I know to stop! The better you mount your motor and have your chain and sprockets aligned the less vibration you will have and then things wont vibrate loose so often. There are different schools of thought on Loctite, I for one am a fan, but some say they would never use it. I used red Loctite on my upgraded stud when I put them in the block/cylinder, and use blue Loctite on the nuts. So far nothing has come loose, been about 1000 miles or so with no wrenching, but I did a LOT of wrenching over the first 1000 miles while I learned my lessons.

So bottom line, are the kits crap? Kinda! LOL But if you build right and take care of the issues above you can get a nice ride, mine has even become reliable so it seems.....

PS On the #41 chain, IDK what to say about the chinese #41 chain you bought, I think I read someone else complain they had one that was kinda crappy like the kits, but I've never had one myself. Since #41 chain is used in farm and industrial applications there are plenty of quality #41 chains available on the market. I got mine through (I think from the online AceHardware sales there), I got enough chain for two bikes for less than $15 bucks delivered. I can't remember the brand, but just search for "industrial" or "farm" #41 chain and you will find lots....
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