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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I started fixing on some brakes this morning starting with the back first, it quickly became apparent that the brake rod was too small by about five inches, a quick search at the local breakers and I found what I needed in a Virago 125 box, agian I had luck on my side as it was the right size and only needed a little bit of fettling and went on great, I made a new torque arm out of angle iron an hey presto I've got back brakes.

Here you can see how small the original brake rod was.

The front brake however was not to be so easy, to lock up the brake plate I've basicaly shaped a great lump of metal to fit in the slot and it will be welded to two small bars which lock into the forks and are bolted through (or will be) with 10 mm high tensile bolts .

After looking at the pics it doesnt look very clear but believe me its big, heavy and solid.

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