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Default Re: Guys HELP PLEASE!!!!!

First off, the listing he provided is Aussie, which means the $ amount is Aussie dollars, not American (not sure of the exchange rate, but their dollars might not buy as much as ours does). Second, the listing states it has RS 202 bearings. These are rubber sealed bearings, not the open face types common in most China Girls (the crank seals will last longer). Lastly, it comes with a 415 chain. My GT5 SuperRat kit only came with a 410 chain, which stretched & broke, as did the replacement chains I used until I switched to the more expensive, stronger 415 MOTORCYCLE chain. Even then, I've shredded the master link twice already. Maybe this is why it costs more, better parts. Sometimes the old adage is true, you get what you pay for.

In any event, with better bearings and chain, it sounds like it may lend itself to performance mods better than say, a cheapo $99 fleabay motor and survive long enough to last a season under full throttle.

My advice, run it as is - factory stock, for a couple gallons of fuel, break it in EASY (15-20 MPH) under double oil mix ratio (16:1) before you yank the jug & start porting it out, give the rings a chance to seat properly. Don't start slapping power parts on it immediately until it loosens up some. Perhaps it'll last long enough for you to graduate if you can keep 'your foot outta it'.
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