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Originally Posted by Otero View Post
Well Jumpa,
It's About all I can Afford to do. I'm 64 living on $368 a mo.
S.S. I try to live off the land At least 3 days a wk. I know my
edible plants. I've got my telescoping fishing pole & slingshot
as grocery getters. I'm not above using a occasional snare
or occasionally dining on dumpster Neuberg.
This saves me enough to rent a room and kickback once a week
and still have money for grub, gas, and misc.
One thing I forgot to mention earlier, if you're planning a tour of
more than a 1000 mi., you're almost certain to experience a rim
failure if you're on aluminum rims. All it take is one pothole hidden
in what looked to be a shallow puddle. I don't know from carbon,
but stainless rims aren't a bad idea; neither are 12 gauge spokes.

P. S. I made my own foam lined grips from a gator hide thrift
store briefcase; it's waterproof. Just about everything I've got
is recycled.
yeah, this isn't bicycle related but i'm a disabled vet living on small money also so i know how it is, fortunately, there are still some places where you can buy land for cheap, mostly in places where it is difficult to build and where there is no infrastructure, ...for example i myself am saving up to buy a piece of land somewhere in Colorado where you can still find 5 acre parcels for under $5,000.00.

...anyway, once i buy the land i'll build an earthship on it and begin establishing a permaculture food forest, your situation you could begin planting perennial edibles as well as self-sowing edibles in wild areas near where you live so even if you don't own the land you can still eat off it.'s a few pics of some earthships so you can see what this kind of off-grid living looks like.

...if you are interested in the concepts you can google 'earthship', 'Mike Reynolds', 'permaculture', 'Bill Mollison' and 'Geoff Lawton'.

peace, bozo
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