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Cool Re: GT1 frame with lots of extra steel


I have done about 4 hours riding on the bike so far. there is a big difference in how the old bike was, and what it now.

single speed vs 8spd now.

there is noticeable change in weight. it is heavier (naturally) and the center of gravity has moved back.

I wish I had made the frame longer, as I am 6ft 6. part of the reason for the layback seat post, was to accommodate a more comfortable riding position. as the build has taken about 2 years to complete.

one of the biggest problems, I have had was the chinese parts not mix with japanese or western made components.

using the GT1 frame, it came with double walled rim wheels, these rims and spokes are not the same, so I binned the lot and went for some downhill rims with 14g DT champion spokes and nipples.

The Gussets

I think I have achieved, what I set out to do. reduce the vibrations from the engine and increase the strength of the frame. the GT1 frame is already a stronger frame than the standard bike frame. with 1.8mm steel tubing, the theory was to change the resonance frequency of the engine. By adding gussets to the frame corners, I didn't want to have the frame crack, plus the added bonus of making the frame vibrate less.

The bike, I felt shook like Christchurch did 2011. After about 30min riding, I felt like I had been on one of those vibra plate things you find in gyms. The gussets have made this a thing of the past, where most other people focus on balancing the crank.

I would like to think if I balanced the crank as well, I would have a very smooth ride for a chinagirl.

The Tank

The inspiration for the tank came from here. I cant remember who it was but someone posted their tank on here on a interesting looking wooden frame.

I get a bit of flak for the airworthiness and engineering branch at work (I work in the flight operations and licensing) over the crash worthiness of the tank. But hopefully I can get some sloshing compound to coat the inside of the tank in a rubber coating.
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