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Default Re: Guys HELP PLEASE!!!!!

ok guys i havent been compleley honest with all or you , the thing is i already ride motorised bikes, LOVE them and mod them to the max, the thing is sadly i destroyed my old one. i give a little low down, i bought a zbox 66cc engine kit, and from there on i ported the entire thing, carby intake, exhurst port, the exhurst, then got a slant head, hotter spark plugs umm and some more, i love it and it was great , but i didnt run her in properly and thing started going bad ((((, i wont go into detail but honestly i rode it really REALLY hard, WOT everywhere i went, i was addicted to power, so i built my own expansion chamber, i think you guys would like to see it, i throw some pics up, i designed and build the entire thing at school, btw im 17 going to a tech school , anyway so after this motor gave up im now just looking for a new motor. sorry i just cramped alot of info into one.
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