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Default Re: Creative Engineering's clutch actuator

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
A couple of final comments-

The included wrench is a nice touch...I know they aren't expensive, but I also know some folks don't have allen wrenches and having the wrench in there is a ++.

Finally, if you are easily confused by instructions, like I am, you'll want to read through them once or twice before you start....a couple of places may snag some people at first, but if you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and do them step by step, even your trained monkey can install one of these and it will function as it should.

At this price, it's a super buy. Do it now, I command you!
Thanks again Joe,

I figured there was a good chance that at least half of my customers would not have metric allen wrenches. The wrenches were twelve cents each in quantaties of 500. It was well worth the added pennies so that no one would be aggravated by having to stop/go out/and buy a whole set of metric allen wrenches just to install my part.

Joe, I am "really" happy that you took the time to read through the instructions. When attempting to write instructions for a broad audience I have no way of knowing the effectiveness until I hear back from someone who really read through it. Again...Thanks!

I have written a lot of service/tech manuals over the years. They were industry specific and aimed at an audience that was already familiar with the terminology I used.

I did agonize over this installation guide in an effort to ensure that it was useful to a non-mechanical newbie and at the same time not bore the seasoned guys with non-essential goop.

Thank you for your endorsement of my kit!

I went at this cautiously...I called a lot of dealers who said that the clutch has been a thorn in thier side for quite a while...before making a production run. Production runs are the only way to keep per unit costs down.

I've sold about 50 kits thus far, and everyone has been happy with the more gorilla gripping the clutch lever!!!

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