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Default Re: recommended tools for chain adjustment?

Just keep in mind that unless you resort to using a 1/2 link, you'll have to remove 2 links. You might be surprised how much 2 links will shorten the chain. If you remove too much you'll then end up with a chain that is too short and have to reassemble the links.

Question: Does your bike have horizontal drop outs? Is it a single speed or does it use a derailer on the pedal side?

I concur with Ocho Ninja. Get the engine drive chain right and tension the pedal chain. If you have coaster brakes the pedal chain tensioner needs to go on the top chain run, not the bottom because when braking all the stress will be on the bottom chain. A poorly designed or wrongly attached tensioner on the pedal side with coaster brakes could be dangerous. You might loose your brakes if it fails.

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