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Default Re: My First Build-BGF Motor

Well, TBH the "boost bottles" are a bit of a gimmick & the NOS kits they sell for these things are pretty much trinkets, while they work they do so only just barely - and result in a really lean condition which when combined w/the marginal power increase does spell almost certain doom for these loose tolerance/no quality control in-frame engine kits...

...which is all fine & good, they're fun in any case - but it does beg a question of math & overall goals.

If the intent is preformance vs disposable fun, which makes more sense? An in frame kit is usually around 2hp (66cc) & with NOS I'll be generous and grant a whopping 25% increase, equaling a momentary 2.5hp at very best & roasty-toasty motors, at $100 a pop for replacements it'd only take between four to six derploded to equal the purchase cost of an air-cooled morini or KTM clone, which bone stock are usually 5-6hp w/o harmful toys like dry-injected NOS...

Either way is defo fun indeed & can't say which is wrong or right as that's up to the rider... but it is food for thought
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