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Default Re: Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

I buy the flap disks, grinder, an cutter wheels for my angle grinder there and there good.

My $15 tap and die set from Harbor Freight I did one 1/4 - 20 thread and the next one tried the tip of the tap was mashed.

Soft metal maybe for next time I use that. My Vermont / American (don't know if that really is made in USA) I was missing a couple of them and my friend has the same kit. I borrowed the tap and did just great putting threads in the end of the Briggs crankshaft to have extra security to keeping the clutch in place.

Whats really neat is as the engine turns it naturally self tightens. Normal Right Hand Threads on the crankshaft that comes out the left side of the engine. Engine spins counter clockwise as looking at the end of the crankshaft toward the crankcase cover.

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