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Default Re: first timer in minnesota, hitting a brick wall

Yall are awsome thank you for the replies! i will have to get some pictures up here asap for my bike might just have to put some on the photo bucket or something, the one thing i havent tried is to bore out the center hole on the sprocet, two reasons why tho i have no idea were to go bring it in(i dont trust myself enuff to do it myself haha) and also it just seems like i will need to drill holes for the bolts or something more so im just a little hesitant so fellow minnesotans any suggestions were to go? i will find a place to put pictures and a link to were they are as soon as i can as well. as far as location, im in the crystal/newhope area, ive seen two people riding around town so as far as i know ill be the third person in the area with a super sweet bike.
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