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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

I've took the week off to try make a bit of progress, theres been loads of time in me shed making brackets an on the lathe making tiny bits an bobs that been taking all me time up and theres loads more to do so the next few pics are all abit smoke an mirrors.
I've now fitted the wheels, mudflaps, front stand, rear stand, an its officially a rolling chassis again which pleases the Mrs no end as shes kicked me out of the living room an into the yard :doh:
I've today started to try and fit the engine, theres been lots of thinking and just looking at it after hoisting it up in place, in the end I hacked off the original engine mount and put that back on, by sheer luck the original CG swing arm bolt is the same size as the holes in the frame and also line up perfectly and also give perfect chain alignment, I just need to make spaces for everything and two more engine brackets and its in .
Again an by pure ahem coinsidence those mudflaps are made out of the exact same colour an type as we have in work...go figure !

In this pic you can see the engine in place, by sheer luck the original front wheel spacer which is seen on the engine fits perfectly, I just need another one for the other side...
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