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Default Controls for motorized bicycles

Okay, I ride a motorcycle so I'm familiar with all of those "standard" controls, I'm going to layout the understanding I have of motorized bicycle controls and I'm hoping someone can comment if I've got it all right or chime in if I'm missing something huge...

RH- Throttle grip and a break lever like usual (I'm guessing this is usually front break?)

Feet- Pedal power and rear break (if using a coaster rear break)

LH- Lever for clutch? (twist grip selector if using a 3 or 5 speed hub?)

Do a lot of motorized bicycle have no operable clutch? Meaning it makes engagement by itself and opens by itself?

If you had a rear drum break would you use the above and make LH lever the break? Can all of that even fit on the axle with pedal and drive sides?

What about power for lights from the engine, how could I do that (with a dynamo hub? do I "need" a rear break?

What about taking out the pedals entirely, or is this to get on the moped/motor cycle designation?
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