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Default Re: Normal Pedal Riding with clutch disengaged

Originally Posted by 577-Jersey View Post
LOL...very cool and affordable as well...
Thanks for the reply,,sometimes I miss things being a noob
Hey! here's no way you can possibly know all the KOOL things that are available for MABs... :-)

The forum is invaluable!!!
well, the helpful people are what make it Great! :-)

I also think that hybriped thing is a good idea.. there's nothing else like it on the market... and a chinagirl Really should not be pedaled with the clutch disengaged. There's just not proper bearings and alignment and such to do that for any period of time.
..i think if I lost my motor for some reason I would take the drive chain off and wrap it in a paper bag or something... if I needed to pedal home.

Good luck with that sprocket thingy... I think they are in Oz???
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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