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Thanx again guys..Good responses from Resetbutton and 2Door and Kevy. I will go check all my specs again to be sure. Then I will give it a try and see if it runs better today. I also found a spring in my garage that has full hardware to hold it down so I might try the spring in addition to stock even though everyone knocks it. I have tools to make a custom spring setup--maybe off a piece of sheet metal double bolted onto the frame for stability and centering. Or maybe I could drill thru my frame if I still want to after I look at it again. Whatever works. Hah hopefully I won't do that Buzzie! I have one more QUESTION: Will the way I have been improperly stopping always cause even a properly installed chain to come off at least partway? (I have stopped accidently by slowing down too much with my hand off the throttle for a bit until the engine died then the chain popped off.) and to stop should I get off the throttle then squeeze the clutch and lock it in then hit the kill switch? I know this is basic but just going over it cuz I'm a newbie and I know I made mistakes when I tried to stop too quickly thanx!
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