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Default Re: Newbie from Marietta, GA has questions

Yeah, that one is a clown ride for sure. I am going with a 29er, I always rode 26" bikes until they started making the 29's...I am 6'4" and they are awesome. The Colossus is the best looking 29er MTB I have found for under $200. The Genesis 29 has a smaller frame.

Still torn on electric or gas...been researching like mad, and I think the extra money might be worth it. I was all set to do a china girl, but those EV's are so sweet...and I could tack on a smaller solar panel, maybe? Would have to figure out the electrics, but that is no problem for me. With the right setup, I could bypass the charge controller altogether.

If I could do an electric for under $500 (300 for stuff, 200 for bike) I would be a happy camper!
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