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Default Re: Belt drive or Chain drive?

True the belt uses more friction to work, but is quieter. Also it is less likely to come off the pulley than a chain if gone askew.

I found that out in the most extreme manner. I had not made one pulley in line enough with another. The tension of the belt along with the rotation also adding to the force made a jack shaft slip sideways as at the time I had used one side with out a bushing. You see I had just used on the left side a pulley with key and set screw hold it in place. The set screw did not loosen, but the force had the jack shaft slip through the pulley bore anyway. Then eventually the right side pillow bearing was all that was holding the shaft. The other left side pillow bearing had come out just past its holder, and the shaft scraping metal on a cover shield I made for safety.

Incredibly I just thought I had lost tension on the belt. The scores in the shaft are in an area that is normally outside to the left unused. I replace with new the bearings and added the bushing to buttress the side of the pulley as there is no room between the pulley and the right side pillow bearing.

Lining up the belt more to remove this sideways force altogether and still not have it scrape the tire or the frame is ultimately what is to prevent this. I learned the pulley does not serve as a bushing with the kind of holding power as these single piece split collar bushings. The split collar type do not have the set screw mar the jack shaft and I got them for about $2.50 each, definitely worth it.


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