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Default Re: Speedometers & Odometers

I was hoping to get an analog speedo. Spookytooth has one, but it doesnt' look super solid.

Someone recommended looking for a motorcycle one for something more solid, but I haven't had much luck.

As far as interference goes with these digital ones, I think the wireless ones are especially prone to interference. I had one on my regular mountain bike, and it would go all wonky when I turned on my little L.e.d. blinky light. I didn't even try it on the Motorized bike.

I did try a digital that has a wire that runs to the "pick up" and it works fine, has speed and odometre functions in standard and in metric, as well as nifty features like average speed, a clock I can't set to save my life, and moderately incomprehensible instructions in 15 languages.

Well, to be precise, the instructions are in 15 languages, and I can only vouch for their incomprehensibility in 1 language -- Engrish.


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