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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Don't forget! The right hand crank is conventionally threaded. The left hand crank (pedal threads) are reversed! (aka rightly LOOS-EY, Lefty Tightly).

I went for a local ride and pigged out on Grandy's chicken fried steak, even got the apple cobbler today. Tuesday is Ch. Fr. Steak special. Yum! Everyone else in the house is on a diet. hahahha.

I had a good ride, put on a new chain (so nice! crispy shifts!)
The 3 speed freewheel and 3 speed hybrid crank go perfectly together (28-38-48 and 16,19,22) . I can take off in any gear with the motor-assist, and the spread is just right for motor assist cycling, ok for pedal only riding.

Here's a recent dash-cam (front rack) video of my motorized bicycle ride following Tour of Dallas bicycle parade (something like 1000 riders showed up).
1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.
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