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Default Re: The Happy Time Teardrop Tank Is Not Flowing.

The darn 1/4" double hose barb fittings that I need cost $30/pair!

Okayyy, I disconnected the fuel line from one tank. Hmm, a 3/16" steel line looks like it'd slip right down the 1/4" brass fitting. So I measure the tank's depth, cut 4" off a spare 3/16" fuel line. ..perfect fit. Flared the tip, air-tight connection, reconnected the fuel line.

Saved $15.

The second tank has a 90-degree brass fuel fitting on the top. I need to drop that tank, change to standard 1/4" barbed fitting, then slip the 3/16" line thru the fitting into the tank. Since the tank is down, I might as well attach a short fuel hose in the tank. If I don't, the 3/16" tube extension might be sucking air.

The fuel overflows out of the gas cap before the tanks are 2/3 filled.

Go figure.
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