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thanks 2Door. Ya I'm aware that just about everything anyone has to say on here about motorized bicycling has been answered except original thoughts on some one of a kind customs. That being said we need people to repeat themselves frequently or this would turn into mostly a reference site for amateurs with a few people that have advanced knowledge talking about new customs. Which is fine if that's what ya all want. Anyways my update is I got the tension job done. So I do say: thank you everyone that have answered my boring questions that repeat questions that have already been answered. It helped me even though I have already read these same questions and answers before because I guess I just wanted reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Also now I'm not getting engine power even thoug it sounds like the engine is about to fire up. I'm getting really strong compression, my spark plug is tight on both ends...I'm thinking carb adjustment. Also wondering: Does it matter if my fuel line is twisted (not kinked)? or does it have to be straight line for gravity feed?
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