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Cool Re: chain tension

thanks crassius...good input! yes my rear sprocket is far from being evenly tightened and perhaps I should od that b4 I ruin the cheap rear wheel entirely. the chain however is as tight as it can go without adding a half link.....unless straightening out the path of the chain by tightening rear sprocket / re-centering engine can get me the extra slack I need in order to cut an inner and outer link. right now I am POSITIVE I can only cut one inner link (as I posted b4 meaning I would need a half link in order to cut off just one inner link and one outer link then use the master link and a half link to connect 2 inner links on my chain. (I think I slightly misspoke on my previous post when I said: "I measured it and I think a half link would fit so I could cut an inside link and an outside link and use the half link and masterlink to connect an inside link and an outside link on the chain." When it should have said that a master link and half link connect 2 inner links on my 415 chain. OOPS! I'm sorry if any newbies like me got confused or made any cutting errors due to my idiocracy.) Ok I guess Ill be back late, hopefully with storie of my chain not falling of this time.. cheers!
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